Wednesday, November 25

Some open source sites I follow

Some of the sites I follow are:

Daily summary of news about Linux:

Home page for probably the fastest and most reliable open source database: I first started using databases on Mainframes (specifically an ICL 4/72, a massive machine with one megabyte of core memory) in the 1970's, now I have to support MySQL because a client uses it, but PostgreSQL is much easier to use - I felt compelled to buy a book about MySQL administration, whereas the documentation that came with the PostgreSQL was sufficient. PostgreSQL is also known as Postgres. Funnily enough. I have also had a couple of years experience with PROGRESS 4GL, which is both a database and what they call a 4th generation language - I only mention it, as I have to remind myself to say "Postgres" rather than "PROGRESS" at times!

News about court cases involving Open Source, such as the long running attempt by a company to claim money from Linux users, also about software patents:

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