Sunday, November 22

Fedora 12 - Linux

The Fedora 12 Linux distribution was released last week...

I have two desktops with Fedora 10, and one with Fedora 11.

When I have time, I will upgrade them all to F12, it is just that I have real work I have to complete before the transition.

I know a lot of people use Ubuntu, and I once had to use Ubuntu at one place I worked. I then found that Ubuntu did not have the features on the desktop that I had found very useful in Fedora.

The key thing with the various Linux distributions (there are a lot more than a hundred), is to pick the one that suits you, and people have different requirements. There is no single Linux distribution that suites everybody - something that some people fail to grasp, and they insist everybody should use their particular distribution!

Red Hat, the company who promote Fedora, put a lot more effort into supporting open source projects than any other Linux Distribution Company.

An Interesting comment from:
Jamie's Random Musings
It's been quite a wave of new Linux distributions over the past month or so, but with the release of Fedora 12 (Constantine) this week, we have finally made it through. I have intentionally chosen what is likely to be a controversial title this time, but the basis for my choice is rather simple. Fedora 12 is the only one of this series of releases which has loaded successfully on absolutely every computer I own.

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