Friday, April 1

WinDroid announced!

In news just out today: Microsoft will be selling phones based on merging the best features of Windows Phone 7 with the Android Honeycomb, these phones will be produced by Nokia and sold under the moniker 'WinDroid'. Expect to see these phones ready for Christmas. Microsoft refused to be drawn on the rumours of a tablet version being readied.

They plan to use the marketing slogan: 'Powerful Action Is Now For Universal Locations'. The marketing slogan in part derives from the fact that Microsoft will be releasing the phone with multiple carriers in the United States, and also that the phone will be available world wide. However, it will be released in the USA a few months before Europe. The reaction of many industry observers was to wince, and say "Oh no, not again!".

Microsoft and Nokia must have listened to what Google had to say!

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  1. Umm. Exactly what is meant by a 'tablet version'. Do you mean the Sinai version with prohibitions 1 to 7 (stopping of course before #8 : thou shall not steal software except from Xerox")

    But is it really code for a pill. Have Homeland Security cracked the placebo problem and can now download drugs. "Look into this graven image and you will feel better." Of course, legally, they have to declare it to be a tablet, but as it works solely from imaginary side-effects, those can be kept secret.

    I have a horrid feeling it might be deja-vu all over again. Please re-assure me. Do not ask me to download an app to my phone. Not the cordless bungy jump app. I keep getting that sort of thing.

    Petunia Agrajag.