Sunday, November 21

Running Firefox for the truly paranoid

To have the safest browsing experience, you can run Firefox in a 'sandbox'.

But first you have to:

  1. install Fedora 14
    (not tested in Fedora 13)

  2. yum install policycoreutils-sandbox
    (this needed to supply '' )

  3. create a directory 'sehome' in your home directory(you can use a directory with a different name if you so wish)

The following article explains how run Firefox in a very secure environment:
Now, Firefox is pretty useless without network access. The good news is that you have sandbox types that allow for Web browsing. Here's what you want to run to get a Firefox session going:

sandbox -X -H sehome -T tmp -t sandbox_web_t firefox

Here you're adding two things — the -X option, which tells SELinux "hey, I want an X sandbox," and the type (-t) option which specifies a set of policies that offer the services (like networking) that Firefox needs to operate in a sane way.

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