Tuesday, September 21

PostgreSQL 9.0.0 Miscellaneous

There is a good overview of the features of Postgres 9.0.0.

For the remaining Java developers, a new JDBC package has been released for PostgreSQL version 9.0.0.

Note that there is also now support for Python3 as a language for stored procedures.

There are at least a dozen different languages that can be used to write stored procedures in PostgreSQL 9.0.0, these are detailed here and here:
  1. C/C++
  2. Java
  3. Perl
  4. PgSQL (the 'default' procedural language)
  5. PHP
  6. Python (versions 2 & 3)
  7. R
  8. Ruby
  9. Scheme
  10. SQL
  11. Tcl
  12. Linux/Unix shell
And if you want to add others, then there is a mechanism for users to add additional ones.

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