Tuesday, February 16

7 of the Best Free Linux Document Processors

A document processor is a document preparation system that allows the author to concentrate on what they actually want to say and the overall structure, rather than getting mired in details of presentation.

My youngest son asked me to install scribus and lyx, which I did. However, I will bring his attention to this article which lists 6 others besides Lyx, but does not include Scribus. Some of these are very suitable for submitting papers to scientific journal, as they can produce LaTeX output.

These are all free to download for Linux, so we can use them on any of our 3 desktop computers, as we use Fedora Linux (naturally they are also available for other Linux distributions such as Ubuntu).

However, most of us are quite happy to use a word processor such as what comes with the OpenOffice.org suite of programs, which has just had a new version (3.2) released. This new version is much faster to start up, and has even better ability to read proprietary formats, plus is generally easier to use as well has having additional features.

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