Saturday, January 30

A New School in New Zealand commits to Open Source

Even though the Microsoft tax has already been paid, one new school found it cheaper and much more useful to go the Open Sourceway with: Linux, OpenOffice and other free software, for both the computers used by students and the servers. To quote from Angus Kidman:
The school in Auckland's North Shore City has been running an entirely open source infrastructure since it opened in 2009. The 230-pupil school was set up to follow open learning principles, offering large "learning commons" areas where multiple classes interact rather than conventional classrooms and setting aside one day each week for pupils to work on self-driven research projects.

Albany SHS' unorthodox approach is also reflected in its IT infrastructure. Deputy principal Mark Osborne was determined to use open source software throughout the school, even though planning for that process began less than two months before the school opened (read his blog about it).

This even got mentioned in Slashdot, which has an international audience!

The school is in Albany Senior High School is now running an entirely open source infrastructure since it opened in 2009. It also features in the New Zealand Educational Gazette, where it is revealed that students play a significant part in the IT infrastructure.

A friend who attended the Australian Linux Conference (which just so happened to be held in Wellington new Zealand!) said that Mark Osborne who set it up was considered the bravest man in New Zealand.

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