Friday, November 27

Girls don't do Linux!

Some people feel that Linux is too difficult to use, let alone install, so they would implicitly believe it is out of the question for children do so, let alone a very young girl.

If that was true then no six year old boy, let alone, his five year old sister, could possibly install a Linux distribution!

Here is an article from a 'mere' woman (who just happens to head up a very successful company selling Linux boxen), about her 5 and 6 year old children installing Linux, and getting stuck in to assembling computers:
One early spring day as we were walking home from the bakery on the corner, we passed by a neighbor and struck up a conversation. He complained about his desktop being constantly attacked by viruses. We suggested Ubuntu. A professional man in his 50s, he said he wanted to try installing a Linux distribution on his desktop but that, “it looks too complicated. I probably couldn’t install Ubuntu. I don’t want the hassle.”

My little five year old daughter had been snuggled in my arms while I was talking to this neighbor. She had been listening closely. When we got home, she said, “Mom, I can install Ubuntu. I bet I can. Can I try? Can I try?”

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